Sleep Giant Chart

Leucadendrons: the sleeping giants


All Genus Leucadendron

Female flower, seed & Cone Characteristics

Male flower, seed & Cone Characteristics

Foliage & Bract Characteristics

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L. Argentium
Silver Tree
Large silver seedpods. Yellow flowers Golfball-sized silver cones. Yellow flowers Large Silver leaves. Feb. - May flowers, pods, cones
L. Daphnoides Winter Sunshine
Cones sliver-grey. Foliage below cone turns red. Yellow, ivory & white flowers Bracts turn white, cream, yellow & red Dec. - March flowers March - May cones
L. Discolor
Flame Tips
Bracts & flowers pale yellow-green Tulip-like. Bright yellow bracts with large red male head. Single to multiple heads. Bracts creamy green to bright red. Foliage green with red edges. Feb.-March flowers
L. Eucalyptifolium
Yellow Star
Small red cones Butter yellow, scented flowers. Star-shaped bright yellow bracts. 6ft bamboo-like foliage. Jan.-March flowers
L. Galpinii Silver Cone
1" silver cones Tiny yellowish pompom clusters. Grayish-green linear twisted (whorls) foliage. Dec. - April Showy bracts
L. Laureolum
Yellow Tulip
Green to pink cones surrounded by bright yellow bracts. Bright yellow male head surrounded by bright yellow bracts. Soft green foliage. Bright yellow bracts. Very showy. Dec. - April Showy bracts
L. Linifolium Mini Silver Cone
Sea green grayish cones. Small, light yellow flowers. Thin, delicate green leaves. Dec. - May flowers & cones.
L. Meridianum
Winter Gold
Shiny, sea green cones with silver hair Very bright yellow bracts, cupping small yellow flowers. Very showy. Gray-green leaves. Very showy bright yellow bracts. Nov. - May flowers
L. Rubrum
Arrow Tips
Cone-like flower head (purple, red, brown). Opens to fluffy, white plume. Prolific small plume-like golden flowers line the stem. Dark-Gray with brown tips. Feb. - May flowers & cones.
L. Salignum x Laureolum  Safari Sunset
No significant difference between male and female. Both have large, colorful bracts. Light, clear red in summer, wine in winter, then golden yellow. Foliage dark green with wine flush. Outstanding colored bracts. Year - round w/foliage darkening into winter
L. Salicifolium Multi Cone
Green cones with burgundy shades. Yellow male heads surrounded by light-colored bracts. Light green foliage turning to yellow bracts. Dec. - May flowers
L. Salignum red, yellow or pink
Small red cone with colored bracts around. Round red flower head. Small pointed leaves. Yellow, red and pink bracts. Feb. - May flowers
L. Tinctum Rose Cockade
Deep crimson 1" cone surrounded by ivory bracts. Very flashy. Yellow pompons Pale green leaves, Outstanding red, pink bracts. Feb. - May flowers
L. Uliginosum
Small, silver cones, yellow bracts. Small, yellow flowers Ivory to yellow bracts. Silver-haired small leaves clothe serpentine stems. Great for infill. Dec. - May flowers